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Floyd IV & Jatun Dorsey (affectionately known as #DemDarnDorseys) with collectively nearly 30 years corporate leadership experience, share a vision and mission to make a positive impact in the world, one individual at a time.  They strive daily to inspire the spark in the lives of others through coaching and speaking on topics related to personal and professional development. Together they teach based on their lived experiences as individuals and as a couple. #DemDarnDorseys encourage clients to develop a IVTune State of Mind™ in order to live their best life now and in the future. The Dorsey’s philosophy is that creating a fortune does not simply mean money in the bank, although that is a part of it, it is designing a life rich with core principles that lay the foundation for a progressive love for self, love for your spouse, and general love of life.

The Dorsey’s core principles include the following:

  • Family/Friends – Making moments count; Maximizing each moment with the ones you love.

  • Faith – Continual spiritual development; Collective focus on guiding your future.

  • Finance – Budgeting; Focusing on revenue generating activities; Buying freedom.

  • Fitness – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fun – Enjoy every moment; Celebrate wins, and Growing Fonder.

The five F’s are important to their relationship and keeps them on track toward creating the legacy desired. The Dorseys leverage the same principles to coach and speak to audiences and clients around the globe.



Together they have a vested interest in helping you move beyond going through the motions in life and into incorporating more intentional living backed by clarity around your life goals. No more procrastination & no longer will you play small in your life or relationships.

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To check out the #DateWithTheDorseys™ Podcast click here.

Podcast is available on Pandora, Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Spotify, Spreaker and more!!

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