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Do you feel stuck in your life or business, wondering where you should go from here? Do you stretch yourself thin, only to feel overworked and unsatisfied? Have you struck a balance between true productivity and healthy peace of mind? In these pages, businesswoman and life coach Dr. Jatun Dorsey shares thirty tried-and-tested principles on reaching your ultimate goals while also being true to yourself. In a stage-by-stage guide, Dr. Dorsey walks readers through the various processes of growth, from turning words into actions and developing effective time management skills to maintaining strong relationships with others and celebrating accomplishments.


In addition to being a manual for productivity, Intentional Living also offers readers “Productive Ponders,” a safe and interactive space for every individual to rethink, re-evaluate, and revamp their thinking. Following the philosophy within it’s own chapters, this book is forthright and clear, wasting no time in getting you up and running for a more consistent, rewarding, and earned life.

Intentional Living: 30 Productivity Principles to Achieve Peace of Mind

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