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Starting a business can be either intimidating or exciting (for some maybe both). Either way it's indeed hard work establishing your very own small business.


Trust me, I know.  I mean when you think about startup cash, business registration, licenses, office space, business plan, marketing (and the list goes on) it can be very overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the business journey. That’s why I’m here…

When I started my first business in 2005 I had no idea where to start but I knew my passion for entrepreneurship. To be honest I had businesses well before 2005 as a teenager with my parents. Mom had me working with her selling Avon and Dad with his apparel business for which I’m now a managing partner. That was my initial exposure to entrepreneurship. What I admired most about my parent’s approach is that they took the plunge into being their own boss while working full-time jobs. What a way to diversify, right!


Many talk themselves out of starting a business because they have a traditional job but my philosophy, mostly influenced by my parent’s approach, is that that’s the best time to do so. 

At what point do you decide to take a stab at starting that business you've dreamt of? When do you decide to stop trying to figure things out as you go, stalling your business growth?

Perhaps you've already started your business, whether while in corporate America or not, and you are not sure if you're taking the steps necessary to get your business off the ground. I completely understand this because I was there before and didn't have a steady, dependable resource to guide me through the trenches. But you, you have me!

There's a chance you haven't yet started your business and are frightened by the many tasks necessary to get started, I know this all too well. I must be honest, the process can be overwhelming because it does require lots of work and dedication - but this doesn't mean it's not feasible. 


When there's a will there's a way!

What I’ve realized as a prevalent theme with the individuals I coach is that they contend with the hefty challenge of managing their business endeavor while maintaining life in a stress free zone. And if you ask me, when your life is in shambles your business will be reflective of the same. This is the very reason why I combine both life and business coaching when assisting my clients.


It is pertinent to have work-life balance in order for your life and business to both be fruitful and enjoyable. Just to be clear balance doesn't mean 50/50 it means you are clear about what needs to be done on either side and you intentionally plan before taking action so that nothing goes neglected, ESPECIALLY YOU!

That’s why I’m here! I want to help you initiate, obtain and/or sustain your many business aspirations in tandem with your typical life responsibilities without sacrificing peace of mind.  In order to do so you have to address everything in your life that is holding you back, creating fatigue, demotivating, & killing your spirit.

As a certified life and business coach I am committed to helping passionately driven individuals like you who want to establish a business or take their existing business to the next level.  I am your resource expert backed by ~11 years of academic business focus, 13 years of business ownership, 15+ years corporate leadership and 3 years corporate & business professorship.   


We are absolutely in this together but you have to make the first step!

  • Acknowledge that you are wasting time trying to figure this life and business thing out alone.

  • Realize that you have resources available to guide you through the complicated and detailed process of starting or elevating your business.

  • Know that in order for you to get unstuck it’s best you get help & BELIEVE THAT IT’S OK TO GET HELP!

You don’t have to go at it alone.

To learn more about how to work with me CLICK HERE. I am a transformational life and business coach to to driven individuals who are ready to burn bright for the world to see.  Additionally, I speak to various audiences about time management, productivity, goal setting/getting, and empowering individuals to take advantage of now so that their futures are more promising.

Not sure if this is what you need or perhaps you have a few clarifying questions…good news, you can schedule your COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION to gain more insight about my coaching programs.  Just click the button below to book your slot today!

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